Welcome to my Website!

I am currently working towards a Master of Science degree in Information Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

I decided to attend graduate school at the iSchool because I wanted to enhance my career path. The curriculum, location, and ranking of the iSchool made this program especially appealing. The position I held before moving to Austin to attend the iSchool entailed doing market research and utilizing my experience to help develop a database of the collected data. The job shaped my career trajectory; I knew I wanted to further pursue research, databases, and user experience.

While at the iSchool I procured a teaching assistance-ship in the IT Lab within the department. My duties range from working one-on-one with students and faculty on topics like Camtasia, 3D printing, and MySQL, to making tutorials on coding languages such as Python as well as open source software such as GIMP, and being a general assistant to students, faculty, and whoever else finds themselves in the lab.

I am a passionate person with a strong work ethic and have been able to implement strong organizational skills throughout my employment. I am interested in growing as an individual and as a worker. I enjoy meeting new people and am sensitive to consumer needs.

I’ve been involved with both AWIT and ASIS&T and helped with a Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon in partnership with the AARC.

If you would like to know more about me:


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